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Every day looking forward to the "61" Children has finally come.

Morning, 5:30 on my . My mother's face cream first serious个true face wash, and then red comb black comb Liangliang the braids, in a flower on the top bar.梳好head, draw good makeup, I look at themselves in the mirror left-right look, feel really good, they turned to the school run. As if my joy will not walk, do not know how I went to school from home.

Went to school, teaching see hanging in front of the building to celebrate "61" Children of the huge banner, banners below are to allow us to display the broad stage of talent. We will be here to celebrate "61" International Children's Day.Renqing "61" event at the thunderous applause began. First, school leaders give excellent Shaoxian squadron and outstanding young pioneers, "ten juvenile Flower", "to help learn flower" were presented with awards in recognition of advanced, next is our children's talent show, performances. The first one-year program are the children as "61" section of the clapping song rehearsal. Only a small lively Student beautiful, full of energy ahead. Liang opened their voice to sing hard, hard sh武汉治癫痫病的专科医院ot with open hands, small hands beat red. The second program is the sixth grade, Big Brothers and Big Sisters performing chorus. They lined up a huge team, bright open -like voice, singing, crying to celebrate "61." At the time singing, laughter, applause, music passed fast. The play has been our fifth grade. We must use the joy of dance to celebrate "61." Standing on the platform, I do not know how good my jump, but I saw the audience of teachers and classmates are looking at our laughter towards our applause. After the U.S. dance , Xu sweet for everyone classmates sang "Solar Rain" theme song, her sweet voice with their own resounding solo to celebrate "61." Turn to instrumental performances, and we took to go blowing clarinet Units, tracks are "painting the Carpenter", "cowboy", "Spring has." Dozens of students stood on stage together blowing, sound filled the campus, applause reverberated in the campus, smiling at his face in full bloom.

How time flies! Unconsciously program finished performing, but our hearts are still immersed in the joy of holiday in a long time should not calm.

Back home, turn on the TV I watch to celebrate "61" Highlights of the event. Original country, children all over the world with us as e湖北看癫痫病医院哪个好xcited as joy, as happy, because today is the U.S. holiday, are "61" International Children ah!








Flowers in full bloom in this, green grass of early summer, we have ushered in a grand festival of Children - June 1 International Children's Day, I am very honored to share with the children together in this beautiful holiday. On that occasion, I would like to let me to all children, young pioneers holiday to exten陕西癫痫病去哪治d my sincere regards to the hard work, dedicated gardener to cultivate the flowers of the motherland who pay tribute! Soon to be here today in recognition of the advanced collectives and advanced individuals express warm congratulations!

Pioneers, the children, we are now in a hopeful new era of challenges, you are lucky enough to live in a state of concern about the survival of students, teachers and students in the pursuit of maximum growth to meet the needs of schools; so one "give students the best childhood, most give a solid start in life "as the core concept of school, portrait of creating" education "brand School; an" education and scientific research as the guide to the experimental school in English at the core characteristics Yucai School to serve the community for the meaning of new schools "; so one's own ideas and practice, practice, together with the parents," Our children, our schools, our joint efforts, "the slogan of the school co-operation of schools, the school environment of your grace, your skilled teachers , School of your high-quality education and teaching has been very successful, you just give your School School Award is fully endorsed.

Pioneers, the children, you are lucky generation, the ge哪个医院治疗大脑异常放电neration is shouldering the burden. There is an old statement: journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Youth are the beginning of a better life, clarity of vision, bred here, noble sentiments here at initiation, the habits of good form here, life here at the foundation of the glory and prosperity at the bright future of our calls. We must strive to improve their own quality of life in the new starting point, the momentum to become the new century, the need for construction of the homeland of the wood-Dong Liang. At the same time, teachers also hope that our his utmost to achieve a greater honor.

在这鲜花烂漫,绿草如茵的初夏时节,我们迎来了孩子们的盛大节日——,我非常荣幸地与小朋友们一起共 度这美好的节日。值此机会,谨让我向全体小朋友、少先队员们致以诚挚的节日问候,并向辛勤耕耘、呕心沥血培育祖国花朵的园丁们致以崇高的敬意!向今天即将 受到表彰的先进个人和先进集体表示热烈的祝贺!

少先队员、小朋友们,我们正处于一个充满希望的挑战的新时代,你们幸运地生活在一所关注师生生存状态,追求最大 限度满足师生成长需要的学校;一所以"给学生最美好的童年,给人生最坚实的起步"为核心办学理念,倾情打造"附小教育"品牌的学校;一所"以教育科研为先 导的实验学校,以英语特色为核心的,以服务社会为内涵的新型学校";一所以自己的理念和实践,同家长一起践行"咱们的孩子、咱们的学校、咱们共同 努力"这一家校合作口号的学校,你们的学校环境优雅,你们的老师技艺高超,你们学校的教育教学质量高,成绩斐然,刚才给你们学校授牌就是对你们学校的充分 肯定。

少先队员、小朋友们,你们是幸运的一代,也是肩负重担的一代。古人言:千里之行,始于足下。是 的开端,远大的理想在这里孕育,高尚的情操在这里萌生,良好的习惯在这里养成,生命的辉煌在这里奠基,繁荣昌盛的美好前景在召唤着我们。我们要努力提高自 身素质,在新的人生起点上,再接再厉,使自己成为新世纪祖国建设需要的栋粱之材。同时,也希望我们师范附小再接再厉,争取更大的荣誉。